SGR va recomanda articolul saptamanii: EUROPA ȘI CLEȘTELE GEOPOLITIC

Marius-Cristian NEACSU
Academia de Studii Economice din București,
Piața Romană, Nr. 6, București, România


Abstract: Europe and geopolitical pincer. In the post-Cold War evolution, a „geopolitical pincer” has developed over Europe with multiple dimensions: „energy pincer”, consisting of the two Russian northern and southern gas pipelines, Nord Stream (Baltic Sea) and Blue Stream (Black Sea); „geostrategic and military pincer”: Kaliningrad (Baltic Sea) and Crimea (Black Sea); at last, the great Chinese project – New Silk Road – a truly „business of the XXI century”, with its terrestrial (The Belt) and maritime routes (The Road) it’s going to become a „commercial pincer”.

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