SGR va recomanda articolul saptamanii: FINANCIAL OFFSHORE CENTERS IN EUROPA

Autori: Anda Simona RĂDULESCU (DÎRVĂ)
Cristian DÎRVĂ

Abstract: Tax havens and offshore centers circulate extremely important volumes of money. According to some sources at least 7,600 billion dollars, about twice as Germany’s GDP would be hidden in tax havens. And even more in 2012 BBC wrote that the world’s superrich were hiding in „discreet” tax havens at least 21,000 billion $, as US and Japanese economies all together. We would be tempted to believe that these amounts are circulated especially in countries, regions, territories exotic. But this happens even under our eyes (and here we refer purely geographical) in Europe there are significant offshore financial centers. Some of the most important are presented in this article.
Key words: tax havens, offshore financial centers, tax, banks, companies.

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