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Petruta Antoneta TOMPEA
Colegiul Tehnic de Industrie Alimentară din Suceava
Str. Dimitrie Cantemir, Nr. 5, Județul Suceava, România


Abstract: Natural hazards – drought and desertification. A drought is a
complex phenomenon that can be defined from several perspectives. The
central theme in the definitions of a drought is the concept of a water
deficit. A drought is difficult to define because of the need to specify the
components of the hydrologic cycle affected by the water deficit and the
time period associated with the deficit. The simultaneous occurrence of a
long-term deficit in deep ground-water storage and a short-term surplus of
soil water in the root zone is an example of the complexity encountered in
defining a drought. If precipitation is the carrier of the drought signal, then
climate describes the long-term characteristics of this signal. On a global
scale, land subject to desertification occupy one quarter of the total land
surface of the Earth. It affects about one billion people, in over 110
countries around the world affected by desertification, including our

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