SGR vă recomandă articolul săptămânii: IDEILE LUI ION CONEA ASUPRA GEOPOLITICII

Conf. univ. dr. Marius-Cristian NEACȘU
Academia de Studii Economice, BucureștiThe purpose of this study is to emphasize the great ideas of the Romanian geographer, Ion Conea, in the field of Geopolitics. He essentially contribute by elaborating his own definition of geopolitics, underlying the main characteristics of geopolitics thinking (by comparing with Political Geography), publishing studies and books, establishing a school of thinking (along with others) and the first Romanian journal in geopolitics, entitled „Geopolitics and Geohistory. Romanian Journal for South-Eastern Europe”. In this respect, Ion Conea could be considered the first Romanian modern theoretician in geopolitics, Transylvania being the very heart of his analysis, as an organic pivot of the Romanian State.

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